Apr 242011

I admit it… I have been known, on the odd occasion, to launch into a bit of a rant during one of my classes. Maybe it’s one of my traditional rants; “We don’t just tell the story!” “No… acting is not just reacting!” “Yes… there is such a thing as Character” or even… “Working hard on your art/craft doesn’t mean it has to be hard work!” Thankfully for the most part my rants are well accepted by my students. So… maybe a bit of a public rant can’t hurt… or can it?

Be brave!

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Jan 132011

One of the biggest barriers to remaining in-the-moment for actors is they often focus on themselves. Get the focus off yourself and onto the “Other” and you’ll be on the way to truly remaining in-the-moment!

I received a question from a student actor -

“Aren’t there two sides to the coin though, in the notion of re-acting to the other? I mean, they (if the “other” is a person) need something that originates from you to re-act to as well. I guess what I’m suggesting is that there must be a balance between the “who am I, what do I want, and how will I try to get what I want” and the purely “re-acting to the other”–sort of a Ying Yang of pure action/pure reaction.”

My answer -

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